Seges startup matchmaking

Matchmaking with one of the world's leading agricultural research and innovation centers

Matchmaking with one of the world's leading agricultural research and innovation centers

Are you a startup working towards making sustainable farming of tomorrow?
Partner with SEGES and help bring value to farmers and society

SEGES is the agricultural research and innovation center of Denmark, owned by farmers. They are a world leader in R&D regarding sustainable agricultural production and work with everything from optimum crop production, efficient milk production, the perfect pig feed, reducing carbon footprint and leaching to nutrients to economic sustainability and the best digital tools for farmers of tomorrow. They are ready to provide the knowledge and tools needed for farmers to develop their businesses.

Through providing knowledge and innovation to over 33,000 farms, 900 fruit and vegetable producers, and 7,000 SME-s, SEGES contributes with solutions to societal challenges in areas such as the environment, climate, animal welfare, sustainability, and circular economy.

How can SEGES help me as a startup?

Finding a partner with more knowledge in health & animal welfare, crops & environment, climate & sustainability, management & bottom line and digitalization than SEGES is quite difficult. Having farmers as both owners but also customers of their work, SEGES could be a valuable partner for your startup, whether you're looking into entering the Nordic market or working on a more global solution.

What's in it for me?
  • Value co-creation through a partnership with SEGES and testing the solution as a pilot
  • Accessing the SEGES ecosystem and ability to utilise their network of over 30,000+ farmers and businesses
  • Leveraging their network of global partners, to co-operate and get access to new knowledge and data
  • Potential investment from SEGES
  • Support and sparring from the Accelerace team in the matchmaking process

Open opportunities

No open opportunites at the moment

Track Record

SEGES prime objective is to identify and develop the commercial possibilities of agriculture in order to provide farmers with the best options for running their businesses more profitably while taking the environment and animal welfare into consideration.

They have a long history of supporting and working with new businesses during various stages of maturity.

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