Beyond Beta

Rapid scaling for promising Danish startups

The Beyond Beta accelerator is a collaboration between Accelerace, The Danish Business Hubs and Danish Design Center, who have combined their experience of working with over 1000 startups to build this next evolutionary step of European accelerators. Our platform-based approach means that you can kick-start your journey with us today by joining our online Pre-Accelerator. From then on, your performance decides if you move on to the next phase. If you make it through to the end, you will – after 5 months – have readied your business for rapid scaling and private investment.

What are we looking for?

Beyond Beta Autumn 2021

The Beyond Beta accelerator is for startups who have a clear vision, ambition and ability for growth. That means you can apply if you: - have a scalable business model and address a growing, international marke[...]

Early bird deadline: 22.06.2021
Application deadline: 25.08.2021

What we want you to go through

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Pitching is an important skill for most startup founders. It is often the starting point for attracting essential ressources to the company, including investors, customers, co-founders and employees. In this brief course we equip you with the essential tools to craft a powerful script for a 2-min video pitch. The resulting video pitch serves as a key element in your application to the core acceleration.

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All startups must obtain product-market-fit to succeed. To be specific, product-market-fit is achieved when your product is so much better than alternative solutions that customers are lining up to get it. The problem is that very few can tell you exactly how to get it. Probably because many of the people that write and speak about startups are investors, and they don't care how you get it. They only care if you have it!

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Understanding how your customers perceive the value and novelty of your offering is key to gauge the opportunities and challenges you will face as a startup. In this brief course we introduce the concept of Value Delta, which will help position yourself on these two parameters.

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Learn how (professional) investors think and how they make decisions. Few startup founders understand how investors actually work. This lack of understanding means that many startups are declined by investors because they are unable to demonstrate attractiveness on the parameters that investors evaluate.

Program Responsible


Mads Løntoft

Head of Acceleration,

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